st jude & st paul’s church @ home

This is our YouTube channel where we stream weekly services and daily Morning Prayer. Videos of past services are available.

prayer @ home

Different ways to engage your family in prayer at home.

st paul’s cathedral learning library

Hundreds of films, podcasts and written resources for adults and children from the life of the cathedral.

together @ home

A Facebook group, sharing weekly complete teaching packs including bible passage, discussion, prayers and multiple family activities too.

online resource centre

A whole list of resources to help families connect with God.

bible trivia

100 bible trivia questions that have been carefully curated to test your knowledge of the Holy Book. Find out how knowledgeable you truly are by answering these tricky bible trivia questions that cover topics from throughout the New and Old Testament.

culture @ home

This is an enormous guide to online museums and galleries, including virtual tours, e-learning, and millions of beautiful objects, images and ideas.

national parks @ home

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks takes you on 360-degree tours of some of the most remote and beautiful US national parks.

25 best parks in the US

For anyone who’s curious and wants to know more about the top US national parks to help you find the best ones for a grand adventure.

virtual COVID-19 Friendly Field Trips Around the World

Huge list of free virtual trips covers a wide variety of places including museums, zoos, aquariums, farms, national parks, historical sites and landmarks, and even other planets.

tallest buildings in the world

A great list of the tallest buildings in the world linking to online resources for each building and on Architecture for Kids - with thanks to Amelia who recommended it!